Friday, April 18, 2008

Ya Gotta Have Friends...

Last night was my monthly Pokeno evening. Pokeno is a game similar to Bingo, but played with playing cards instead of numbered balls. I’ve been playing Pokeno for almost four years with a group of women from my neighborhood. When the group first started I knew only a couple of the women, now I count them all amongst my good friends. We are in some ways very similar and, in some ways, very different, but we all share a friendship that’s based on more than just living in the same neighborhood. We’ve had babies born, family deaths and surgeries; through it all, we’ve helped one another with prayers, support and prepared and delivered meals. We keep in touch throughout the month with e-mail and an occasional “field trip” – Washington Square one time, pedicures another; and, once a month, we gather at one home or another to play the game that brought us together. We eat, we drink, we laugh and gossip – the rule is, “What happens at Pokeno, stays at Pokeno.”

This is really the first time in my life that I’ve had a group of girlfriends. My husband is my absolute, forever and always best friend and we, as a couple, have a few other couples – two specifically that are our best friends, sometimes more like family than family, and I have a couple of other friends that I put high on my list, but this is my first experience with a group of girlfriends. I’ve made a few new friends over the last couple of years, when I’ve been in travel groups and I’ve seemed to “click” with a couple of different women. I felt like I’d known each forever, yet we were, really, just new acquaintances. Recently someone said to me that sometimes you don’t make good friends, you recognize them – I like that idea.

I know that I’ve always valued good friends, but I think as I’ve matured, I’ve come to realize just how special it is to have a friend – whether it’s a spousal best friend, lifelong family friends, a group of women who love to laugh together or someone I just met, I truly do value the connection of friendship and I think the advancing years just make the value seem even higher – yet another example of the positive side of getting older!


amy said...

Deb, I completely understand your comment about your husband being your absolute best friend. I remember hearing your talking about your man on our gift team. I love hearing women speak such loving words about their husbands. It is evident that you truly adore him. I think that it is an encouraging thing for your girls to hear too. They will grow up know how important it is to marry your best friend. They will also see, through your example, how important it is to have a few close girlfriends too. It is helpful to be able to ask fellow chicks if what you are going through is normal or for a great way to new way to cook chicken.

amy said...

I should have read through my comments before I hit publish. Sorry about all those mistakes!