Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Sweet Sixteen

My oldest daughter’s birthday is today; she is now sixteen years old! She has been counting the months until this day for the past two years. It is obvious that this is a major birthday for her. When she came downstairs this morning, she was truly glowing. As I looked at her and thought about my impending birthday, I thought first about what I wish for her and then about what I wish for myself.

My wish for my daughter is that the anticipation reflected in the glow on her face actually becomes the reality of her day, the reality of her increasing abilities, her increasing freedom and her increasing maturity. Sometimes, when we have spent so much time looking forward to an event, the actual event turns out to be less than we had imagined. I hope that is not the case for my daughter today. I hope her reality of being sixteen is all that she had imagined it to be.

My wish for myself is that I wake up on my birthday at the end of next month, with the same type of glow that my daughter had today. In fact, I hope for both of us, that each of our birthdays for the remainder of our lives, gives us that type of glow as we look forward to and anticipate all that is still before us.

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