Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Enjoy the Ride!

This morning while I exercised I watched an episode of Oprah that I had TiVo’d awhile ago. Oprah and author Marianne Williamson were discussing the “new” middle-age and how a shift in perception can change how we age. Oprah mentioned that Maya Angelou had once said to her, “The fifties are everything you were meant to be.” I’ve been trying to look at turning fifty as a positive experience, but this statement moved the event from simply positive to eagerly awaited. I think I’m on the right path with my volunteer work in adoption and my efforts at writing, but now I’m wondering what I can do to take this path and make the next decade the one that will truly define me. I know that in order to make the decade spectacular, I have to take action; sitting back and waiting for something to happen just won’t work. Maybe that’s what decade birthdays are all about: a time to take stock, look ahead with anticipation and figure out how to truly be the person we wanted to be when we grew up – even though that dream person is no doubt different at fifty than she was at ten and will probably be different still at sixty.

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