Monday, March 10, 2008


After two knee surgeries, my athletic oldest daughter has started working with a personal trainer in an attempt to get back the strength and speed she had before the surgeries. Last week, after one of her sessions, she got in the car and proceeded to tell me about the workout. She said that the trainer had her doing squats, but had been hassling her about not going low enough. In frustration, she told him that she just couldn’t squat any lower. The trainer went into his office and came back with a chair, instructing my daughter to assume the squat position and slowly lower herself into the chair. With excitement and surprise she said to me, ”And you know what? With the chair there, I could do it. I realized then that it was all in my head. When I tried it without the chair, I could still do it!” She then said, and this is the big insight, “I wonder what other things I can actually do that I just think I can’t.” This daughter , who is not yet sixteen, had just learned one of the best lessons of her life and it reminded me to look at my own limitations and to figure out whether they are true limitations or only ones that I have imposed on myself. Figuratively speaking, I think I’ll go do some squats.

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Nikki said...

Aw, thanks mom!

I did learn a lesson, and that got me thinking that I'm going to pass the WASL. Telling myself that writing is my weakness is putting a limitation on myself that I don't need. Thank you =)..

I sure hope you make french toast in the morning!