Tuesday, February 19, 2008


I’ve been trying to figure out the reason behind this new sense of calm I feel. It’s not that this sense has come over me in just the last few weeks; it’s been building for years. It’s just that now it is at a point where it is very real to me. What I’ve come up with is that the calm stems from a changed sense of perspective. I think that, as we go through life, as we experience the ups and downs, the dreams and realities, we gain a sense of perspective about what matters. It’s not just a clearer picture of what is really important in our lives, it’s also a better understanding of one of the truths of life – that we live our lives making choices, some good, some bad, and, obviously, those choices chart the direction of our lives, but few choices are entirely irreversible. Having a child is pretty much an irreversible choice and that also puts constraints on future choices, but most choices are not irreversible. I think my new sense of calm is from an understanding that how I spend my day today does not have to define what I do with my day tomorrow. I’ve gained the perspective that there are always doors that can be opened, that new possibilities always exist – regardless of the status quo, regardless of expectations, and, especially, regardless of age. It’s freeing!

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Anonymous said...

I feel calmer too, than when I was younger. Maybe with age comes the knowledge that no matter how scary choices and actions (or lack of actions)seemed at one time, so far no drastic consequences have ensued. That doesn't mean I can be careless or reckless, but that there is no one "out there" watching me that I will be in trouble with for making one choice over others when it's really my option.