Saturday, February 9, 2008

An Ideal World

One of the reasons I love Disneyland is that, when I’m there, I feel as if I’m in an environment that portrays the way the world should be. It’s clean. It’s wholesome. There’s a focus on family, with just the right mix of education combined with fun. Wouldn’t it be nice if the whole world looked and felt like Disneyland’s Main Street, USA?

This morning, hundreds of miles from Disneyland, I experienced what the world REALLY should be like. I attended the Bat Mitzvah of a very special friend of ours. It was my first Jewish ceremony and I was intrigued by the traditions, the language and the ceremony itself. But, most of all, I was amazed at the diverse group of people who came together today to watch one thirteen-year-old girl go through the ritual to become a young woman. There were, of course, many Jewish people from our friend’s congregation, but there were also people of many other religions and some with no religious background. We all joined in the celebration; we reveled at, and learned about, the many traditions that are part of such a ceremony. For me, personally, I love learning about a different culture; I love understanding the tradition, the beliefs. I was so pleased to see the respect and tolerance throughout the group. This morning I didn’t need Disneyland to see what our world can really be like. This morning I was part of a group of people who exhibited mutual respect and understanding, a diverse group who came together to support one young person. Now, isn’t that the way the world really should be?

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