Thursday, February 14, 2008

Expand Your Heart

I love Valentine’s Day! It’s the epitome of all that bursts from within me all year long. But I think Valentine’s Day has become too limited in its application. Sure, there’s Cupid with his arrow – a sign of romantic love, but there’s also the heart – a sign of all the love we feel. In our family, Valentine’s Day is not only a time for my husband and me to focus on telling each other how we feel, but also to let our children know how we feel about them. This year, as I watched our children preparing their school Valentine’s Day cards, I remembered what it was like to give my elementary school friends a special card – not a romantic card, just a ‘because you are my friend’ card. I think it would be nice to expand the idea behind Valentine’s Day so that all of us, not just the school children, look at it as a time to say, “Thank you; I care about you,” to our special friends, to people who have touched our hearts; to acknowledge the value of our friends, just as we acknowledge the value of romantic love. After all, having friends is a pretty special way to expand our hearts.

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myrna said...

I agree with you, Debbie. For years I have sent special greetings to family: parents, children, aunties and uncles, and sometimes sisters and brothers. Sometimes I wrote them a poem. But this year valentine's day slipped up on me, tho Ted always remembered it. Myrna