Friday, February 8, 2008

Blog Block

I like “watching” my day, coming up with an idea, thinking about it, seeing where it takes me and then writing about it. Over the last several days I’ve been suffering from Blog Block. It’s not a case of nothing to think and write about, but rather a case of way too much running through my head. At the same time that I’m reading about the benefits of meditation and once again committing to make time to meditate, I’m running through my day with a To-Do list too long for three days – and the meditation never happens.

I’ve noticed that this run, run, running scenario is almost a constant for me (and I’m sure for many other people reading this). I get too busy and have too many things to do, but I tell myself that I just need to get through this holiday, finish this project, get past this deadline and then things will calm down and I can get to all of those other non-priority items on my list. The problem is, once the holiday or deadline has passed or the project has been finished, there’s always another holiday, project or deadline that takes its spot at the top of my To-Do list.

I listened to a book on tape earlier this week that had an entire section on stress and its negative effect on our bodies. I do so many things to keep myself healthy: I try to eat well, I exercise almost every day, I nurture relationships, but like many people, I live in an almost constant state of elevated stress. Sure, I can stop myself during the day and take a few deep breathes, feeling the tension tingle my toes and fingers as it leaves my body, but while those few seconds feel wonderful, they are not enough to give me the overall sense of calm that I think is necessary for optimal health and happiness. As I try to figure out ways to make that calm a more focal part of my day, I realize that the act of sitting here writing has not only exercised my mind, but has calmed my soul. Perhaps, just like the downward spiral of a dieter who eats too much because she feels bad and then feels bad because she ate too much and then again eats too much because she feels bad, I’ve been on the same type of spiral without realizing it. I’ve had Blog Block because there’s too much to do, too much running through my brain, so I don’t write and then more stuff gets added to my list and I have more to do, so, again, I don’t write. I guess that writing doesn’t actually erase items from my list, but it does help clear my mind a bit and makes the list feel easier to tackle. Perhaps the lesson here is that, in the overall time constraints of a day, it’s worth making myself take the time to sit down and do this that I love in order to prepare myself for a happier and more productive day overall. Blog Block, be gone!

Note: My friend Barbara sent me this little "thought for the day": After we turn 50, it's not how old we are, but how we feel that counts. I feel good!

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amy said...

I heard a study one time that said if you deep breathe a few minutes every hour that you add 5 years on to your life.

I think that there's something to that one...