Sunday, January 20, 2008

The Magic of A Daughter

I’ve been out-of-sorts for the last couple of days. Not in a truly foul mood, just sort of “off”. I woke up this morning looking forward to the pleasure of the Sunday papers and a good cup of coffee, but even that didn’t shake me out of my doldrums. Then my middle daughter, who is thirteen, sat down with pen and paper to begin working on a fundraising project she is undertaking.

In December she and I went on a Christmas gift trip to S. Korea with other people connected with our adoption agency. We provided gifts and Christmas celebrations to children, foster mothers and handicapped adults associated with the work of our agency. We “provided” the special events, but they “gave” us so much more. We came home with a renewed sense of joy and wonder, making our Christmas season more special than ever.

One of the places we visited was a home for babies and small children whose families are having problems and need temporary help with the children. Some of these children will go on to be adopted within Korea, but most will, hopefully, move back in with their families once their crisis situation has passed. The facility is small and modest, but the love and concern for the children is great. In addition to the staff that does so much for these children, serving as loving substitute parents during this difficult time in the children’s lives, there are also many people from the local community, including high school students, who come to the home daily to help care for and play with the many children in need of additional love and attention. My daughter and I were so very impressed with the work done in this facility. After the trip we learned that the facility has an immediate need for a new roof to replace the leaky roof that lets water seep into the home and into the rooms used by the children for eating, playing and sleeping.

My daughter, along with the rest of our family, has committed to raising the $9,000 it will take to replace the roof. So, this morning, just as I was finishing reading the Sunday paper, she plopped down next to me to take notes on what she should write in her fundraising letter and to whom she should send that letter. She already had a lengthy list of people from her own circle of friends to whom she wanted to send it and we worked together to add other names from our wider range of family friends. She is enthusiastic and dedicated to this project and I am very, very proud of her!

Thinking back to our wonderful trip and seeing my daughter embracing a project that will have immediate benefits to others with no tangible benefit to herself – suddenly my doldrums are gone and I’m sitting her with a much-needed smile on my face.


Kim H. said...

You have been blessed with wonderful children. I am so blessed to know I have met them and I am so proud of them too! Thank you for being such a wonderful example to your family and spreading your love and caring to the world!

amy said...

WOW! What a blessing that you have been able to take your kiddos to see the needs of the world up close and personal, and that they have been moved to help fill some of those needs.