Wednesday, January 9, 2008

My Busy Brain

For the past two days I have been scurrying around getting ready for a trip that will take me away from home for four days. There is a lot to be done to organize everyone’s schedules when I’ll be away plus my volunteer job has an event this coming weekend for which I have some responsibility, so there was that work to do as well. Every morning I thought about what I might write about that day, but my brain felt empty. Well, not empty, I was maintaining a long “To Do” list in my brain and organizing many events and responsibilities with it, but it felt empty of any creative or deep thought. Yesterday I realized that is one of the reasons that, in the past, I tend not to fulfill my continual resolution to write more – my brain is so full of life’s day-to-day needs that I don’t make time for it to function as the creative, thoughtful organ I know it can be.

Now that I’ve realized that, what do I do about it? How do I use the technical, smart organizing side of my brain that I need for my day-to-day responsibilities while also opening the door to the thoughtful, creative side that I need to be able to write? For the last two days I chose to do what needed to be done, knowing that today I’d be on a plane for several hours with time to decompress and let the creative juices flow. That’s fine for this time, but what about the times when the “To Do” list could go on for days or even weeks? I don’t have the answer, but I know there are actions I can take and priorities I can set that will help. One step I can take is to make writing, which means time for thinking, part of my “To Do” list. I don’t question whether or not I have time to exercise on busy days, I just do it; I can do the same with writing. I can begin to believe that, just as I shower and brush my teeth every day, I also need to find the perspective to make writing a regular part of my day.

Note: I am in Texas to help our oldest son and his fiance move to the Northwest. We'll be driving back with a moving truck starting this morning. I actually wrote this on the airplane yesterday, but by the time the last things were packed, the apartment was cleaned and we'd had dinner, I was so tired I completely forgot about posting this.

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Kim H. said...

Our minds are always racing, our thoughts are continuous...imagine if all our thoughts were actually written down, we wouldn't have enough room. Your priority, like mine, is your family and I know we wouldn't want it any other way!